Official Announcement

Over the years keepvid team is continuously working on providing great video downloading experience to make digital life easy and better for free. KeepVid team is continuously working on making KeepVid better and more convenient for for every user, both on computer and mobile. We are really happy that we are loved and supported by our 100,000,000+ users. We cherish the love and trust on us from our users and we hope they all have great using experience with KeepVid services.

We have noticed that there are some sites on the Internet look and act the same as KeepVid. We are trying to stop copyright infringement to help our keepvid users to get rid of these copycats and avoid any loss because of the potential virus in these fake sites.

KeepVid Official Domains:

ATTENTIONThe Domains Mentioned Below Are Not Official Domains of KeepVid:

It’s not a full list of domains. All the domains below are reported by our distinguished users. Please contact us (contact@keepvid.com) if you are not sure about the legitimacy of any domain related to KeepVid while visiting.

It is a pirated copy of previous version of http://keepvid.com which includes the same information such as contact info, page design, page color and source code of the page as well.

What Are the Risks to Visit These Fake Sites?

  • • Viruses can attack and harm your computer.
  • • Malware can steal your personal information and misuse it.
  • • No customer service is available to help you or figure out problems.
  • • Malware can infect your computer and steal your bank account info.
  • • Worst quality of downloaded audio / video files.
  • • It can crash your computer while you download videos.

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